Our regular work with sheep can be divided into flock advisory work and treatment of the individual sick or lambing sheep. 

At Axe Valley Large Animal Vets, our advisory work includes the control of problems such as lameness, abortion, ill-thrift and worming protocols. Also, in conjunction with MSD, we are pleased to run subsidised testing for the main causes of abortion to help tailor vaccination programmes and better guide a flock health plan.


For individual cases, we are happy for individual sick or lambing sheep to be brought to the surgery to give a more cost-effective service.

As a practice Axe Valley Large Animal Vets look after a variety of farms ranging from small, family run beef units to larger dairy enterprises. From spring calving suckler herds to robotic milking dairies, we can advise you the best strategy to suit your system and tailor your herd health plan accordingly to achieve the best in welfare, production and profitability.

​We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and client relationships. To that end each of our routine dairy clients are appointed a primary vet. This means that any issues that arise are dealt with by someone familiar with your set up and ensures continuity on your farm.


Our whole herd approach to cattle health includes:

-  Herd health planning including Red Tractor compliant health plans

-  Routine fertility management with a dedicated vet

-  Calf health and youngstock improvement scheme

-  Dairy Co Mastitis health planning provision

-  Interherd/Milk manager dairy management system with Daisy-book service

-  Regular practice meetings and clinical club for routine dairy clients

-  Lameness treatment and prevention

-  Disbudding, dehorning and castrating

-  Infectious disease diagnosis, prevention and control with BCVA accredited Johnes Veterinary Advisors and BVD free England members

-  Nutritional Advice

-  TB testing  as part of XL Farmcare


All this along with 24/7 emergency veterinary provision available 365 days a year. Please get in touch to discuss your specific farm needs.